Slash Your Monthly Web Conferencing Bill in Half with SeeMyScreenTM

Tulsa, OK -- April 29, announced today the release of SeeMyScreenTM, a firewall-friendly web conferencing solution. SeeMyScreen offers many of the same features and benefits of WebexTM and PlaceWare®, but at a fraction of the cost. developed the program for online product demonstrations of their own software after encountering firewall problems with other screen sharing programs.

Many companies have started using telephone conferences to replace expensive airline travel, and to ensure better contact with their customers and partners. SeeMyScreen provides the power to share a PC screen with one or many people over the Internet. This enables companies to maintain concentrated attention to their customers, partners, or employees. For example, users could do a PowerPoint®* presentation over the Internet and then switch to a spreadsheet, database, or web page display during the same teleconference.

In the past, many presenters have tried to conduct a web meeting, but had some clients not be able to join due to firewall restrictions. Everyone gets frustrated, participants get impatient, and time and money is wasted. As long as all parties are able to access the Internet, there should never be any firewall restriction issues with SeeMyScreen.

SeeMyScreen will allow one or more users to sign on to a single person’s PC via the dedicated network maintained by Unlike other screen sharing products, SeeMyScreenTM shows clients or attendees only what is on the presenter’s screen. It does not include any file upload or download capabilities. Attendees will have instant access to the presentation without wasting time trying to download ActiveX components, or run forbidden JAVA applications.

Avoid the frustration of firewall problems when conducting a web conference and save money at the same time. Pricing for SeeMyScreen is $40 per connection per month. Enjoy all the benefits of web conferencing at a fraction of the cost!

Visit for a quick demonstration or call at 866-280-9281 for more information.

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Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides online instruction and testing on any subject matter without geographic or time restrictions. can be used for continuing education, sales training, process documentation, or any kind of distance learning.

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