Creating a Conference


After you have created your conference center, you can create a conference.


Click on "Switch to admin menu" to switch to the administrative menu.




Next, click on "Conferences" then "Create a Conference".




The conference properties screen shown below will be displayed.




The fields are defined as follows:


Conference Name:

This is the name of the conference.


Long Description:

You can enter more information about the conference in this field.


Conference Directory Category:

This field is for future use. We plan to add a conference directory in the future.


Conference Type:

There are 2 types of conferences.


A meeting is a conference where the attendee does not have to pay to attend.


A seminar is a conference where the attendee does have to pay to attend.



If the conference type is set to seminar, then you must enter a price. The SeeMyScreen conference center will ask for the attendee's credit card information before signing them up to attend.


Scheduled Date, Start Time, End Time, Time Zone:

In these fields, you define the date of the conference, when it starts and ends, and what time zone the date is in reference to. The conference does not actually begin until you start it with the presenter software. The system uses this date to send out reminder e-mails to the attendees.




Max Attendees:

In this field you can define the maximum number of attendees for the conference. This may be used if you have a phone bridge with limited capacity.


Pre-Conference Screen:

Information in this field is displayed to the attendee just before they attend the conference.

Enter any information the attendee may need to attend the conference such as phone bridge numbers or web site links.


E-Mail sent to user on conference sign up:

This e-mail is sent to the attendee when they sign up to attend a conference, or accept a conference invitation.


E-Mail sent to user on conference completion:

This e-mail is sent to the attendee when the conference is over.


Click the Create Conference button when finished.


The next step is to define who is going to be the presenter for the conference.


Setting the Presenter