Creating an Instant Meeting


An instant meeting is a type of conference where you do not set a pre-defined date. When you create an instant meeting, the meeting is scheduled and started immediately. You can then send an invitation via e-mail to have a person join the meeting.


To create an instant meeting, you first need to create a template. You can read about creating a template in the topic Using a Template. When you create the template, you select the conference type "Instant Meeting".




After creating the template you are set as the default presenter automatically. You can change that by clicking on "Default Presenters" next to the template you just created.


Once you've created the template, you can now create an instant meeting anytime you wish. The meeting is created using the presenter software.


Start the presenter software and login. Next, select the template you just created. Then select File, Instant Meeting.




Once you create the instant meeting, the presenter will attempt to start your e-mail client with an HTML attachment that contains an invitation link.






If for some reason the presenter is unable to launch your e-mail client, you can still log in to your conference center using a browser and send an invitation link to the desired attendees.


The SeeMyScreen presenter will minimize into the system tray and will automatically pause the conference.

When you are ready to begin, just un-pause the presenter by right clicking on the icon and un-checking the pause option. Until you un-pause the conference, the attendee will only see the "Loading..." message in their browser.




When you are finished with the meeting, right click the system tray icon and select "
End Conference"