Presenter Tips



In most cases if the presenter and the attendee are on a high speed Internet connection, there should only be a 2 to 4 second delay between the time when the screen changes and when the attendee sees the change.


The presenter software is basically capturing your PC's screen, converting it to a PNG (portable network graphic file) and uploading it to the SeeMyScreen relay server. If the presenter has to upload a large image, it will take longer for the attendee to see the new screen.


Here are some tips that can help speed up the screen upload:


1. Disable any background graphics on your desktop. If you have a full color wall paper on your desk top and the desktop is visible, the presenter software will capture that as part of the image that it uploads. Setting the desktop background to a solid color can help increase your upload speed.


2. Lower your color settings. In most cases setting your color to "High Color (16 bit)" or lower can make the image smaller.


3. Lower the resolution on your PC. If your PC is set to 1024 X 768 or higher, lowering the resolution to 800 X 600 can help make the image smaller. Note: Do not change your PC's resolution while in the middle of presenting a conference.


While presenting, you can see the size of the image that is being sent to the server by double clicking the presenter's icon in the system tray.


When starting an instant meeting or using some other functions of the presenter like questions and surveys, the presenter will automatically pause it's self. Be sure to un-pause the presenter to continue the conference. Attendees will continue to see the last screen that was sent before the presenter was paused.