Setting the Presenter


After you have created a conference, you need to define who will be the presenter for the conference.


A conference can have more than one presenter, but one person must be defined as the primary presenter. The primary presenter is the only one who can start and end the conference. The primary presenter is also in charge of handing off the conference to other presenters.


Click on the conferences link, then click Presenters for the conference you just created.




To select a presenter, click add presenter and then choose one of the e-mail accounts from the list.




The person who created the conference center will always be listed in the list because that person is the conference center admin.


To have other people be presenters, you will need to create a group, and add people to that group. You will then need to give the group "presenter access" to the conference room where the conference is being held. For information on this, see Working with Groups and Working with Conference Rooms.


If you have not yet installed the presenter software, download the install from:


See Starting and Ending the Conference for more information on using the presenter.


See Inviting People to Attend the Conference for information on sending out invitations.