Using a Template


If you find yourself creating a conference over and over again, you can use a template to help speed up the conference creation process.


Also if you are creating an instant meeting, you will need to setup a template to be used for the instant meeting.


To create a template, click on the Templates link in the admin menu, then click "Create a Conference Template".


You will see a screen similar to the conference properties screen.




Enter the values just like you would when setting up a conference. You will notice there is no place for conference date, start time, end time, or time zone. When you create a conference, you will select this template and it will fill in all the values for you. You then only need to set the conference date and time to create the conference.


After creating a template, you can set the default presenter for the template. If you set the default presenter, when you use this template to create a conference, it will automatically set the presenter for the conference as well.


You will also notice that there is a 3rd type of conference listed. The instant meeting is used to create instant meetings which is covered in the topic Creating an Instant Meeting.