Working With Groups


In the SeeMyScreen conference center, you can create groups of users.


Groups serve two purposes. One is to be able to control access to conference rooms. Another use is to make it easier to add attendees to conferences. If you have a recurring meeting, you can schedule the meeting and add the group of attendees.


On the admin menu, click the Groups link then click on Create a New Group.




Enter a group name, and set the join policy.




You can now manually add people to the group, or send an invitation to have people join the group.


To manually add people to the group, click on the members link next to the group you just created.




This will show all members of the group. Click the add users link to add a person to the group.


You will only be able to select people who are members of your conference center.


To add people who are not members of the conference center, you can either send them an invitation to join the group (when they join the group, they will automatically become members of the conference center also). Or, you can click on the Create User Account link and create an account for them if they don't already have one.


Once you have created a group you can give the group access to a conference room.


To give a group access to a conference room, see Working with Conference Rooms.