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To present a web-based seminar using SeeMyScreen™, you must first Create a New Account. The account is free, simply enter in the appropriate information to register with the SeeMyScreen service. Before you can host on-line seminars or meetings, you must create a conference center. Each center is fully customizable, using html and css style sheets, to give them your own personal look.

Your Conference Center is the central area for all seminars and meetings you create. Within it you can create as many conferences as you like. You may also create conference groups to designate which group of users are given access to particular conferences, such as board meetings or 1 on 1 demos.

For each conference center you create, there is a $19.95 (USD) per month hosting fee.

We will not charge you during your initial 30 day trial period. Once the 30 days are over you will recieve an email asking if you wish to continue with the SeeMyScreen service. Simply reply to continue your membership and begin accruing charges.

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