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Step 2: Creating a conference...

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Create a meeting or seminar...

You can fill out the information yourself or create a template to speed up the process.

With a template, you can literally schedule and start instantly!

Once you create your own center, you may now schedule a conference.

There are two types of conferences, seminars and meetings.
A meeting may be a board meeting or software demo. You are charged 5.00 per hour per person attending. A seminar is more like a class room where the attendees pay for entrance. You would then be charged 20% of the registration fee.

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Once you fill out your meeting's options, you can choose to add attendees manually yourself, add a sign up link to your website, or send that link via email for individuals to sign up. All your attendees need to do is click! All registration fees are handled by us on-line to make it easy for attendees to sign up.

We reccommend for the voice portion of your seminar or meeting you conference call or use a phone bridge.

Renting a phone bridge will allow you to communicate with your guests over the telephone. This adds ease for you attendees and lessens the necessary bandwith for attending. You will need to contact a third-party phone bridge provider for your audio bridge. Phone bridge conferences can be held for a very reasonable price. For example, a phone bridge that can manage as many as 30 callers typically costs around $20 per hour.

The following companies rent phone bridges with conference call capabilities:

***NOTE: ESC does not, in any way, endorse any of the above listed companies. Choosing a rental company relies solely on the purchaser.***

After choosing a phone bridge rental company, you will then register with the company. You will select the date and the time you wish to conduct your web presentation and then provide your payment information. The company will send you a confirmation number as well as the phone number you will use for your phone bridge conference. You may also be given a PIN, which will ensure that only the people you invite are included on your conference call.

Step 3: The big day...

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