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To participate in a web-based seminar using SeeMyScreen, you must first Create a New Account. The account is free, simply enter in the appropriate information to register with the SeeMyScreen service.

Once you have an account with us you may join any conference open to the public.

Another way to sign up is if you are invited to a conference. Simply click the link on your presenter's webpage or have the presenter email it to you. It will take you to a sign up screen and automatically sign you up for the conference corresponding to the link. All registration fees for the seminar you wish to attend will be paid here via credit card. Refunds are offered if you miss the seminar and for other varying circumstances.

Afterwards you will be sent an email with a message reminding you of the date and time you conference starts, and a link to click to enter the conference.

When the day comes, click the link and you will see a start page telling you what number to call for phone bridging or a conference call. Dial in and have fun!

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How to enroll & participate in a presentation. - Tips for a successful Web-based seminar - Presenting with See My Screen.
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